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what do you mean this isn’t what happened?

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get to know me meme ;; five favorite male characters [1/5]



plot twist: a young man has always been raised by a single mother without a father, but it’s okay. he doesn’t need a “masculine” influence in his life—he doesn’t not need that “strong male figure”, that “strong male role model.” he can see the strength in his mother, she is his figure, always was, always will be. he has feminine aspects and masculine aspects. neither have to do with how he was raised or for his lack of a father figure. he is feminine and masculine because that’s who he is. he does not struggle with “what it means to be a man.” he knows what it means to be a man. to be a man is to be masculine. to be a man is to be feminine. to be a man is to be both. to be a man is to be neither. men come in all different shapes and sizes. there is every way to be a man. if you identify as a man, then you are a man. that’s it. he has a sense of who he is and turned out just fine without a “strong male figure” in his life. no one actually needs one. 

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If present day Harry Potter had an Instagram, he would be such a dad about it. 

suggs: then → now

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